Collaborative projects

Sarah Kocher is coadvised by Naomi Pierce and studies the evolution of social behavior in halictid bees. Halictids are an excellent model for understanding social evolution because they encompass the full range of sociality, from solitary to eusocial. She is currently combining ecological and genomic methods to characterize some of the genetic and environmental factors associated with social behavior in this group.


Nimrod Rubinstein collaborates with Jun Liu in Catherine Dulac's lab on the evolution of parentally-biased gene expression. He is developing statistical methods for quantifying allele-specific expression from RNA sequencing technologies as well as phylogenetic methods to study how parentally-biased gene expression evolves in the Peromyscus genus.


Adam Freedman uses comparative transcriptomics to uncover the genetic basis of convergent dewlap coloration across the adaptive radiation of Anolis lizards. Despite a spectacular diversity of dewlap colors, particular colors and patterns reappear amongst highly divergent species, providing a unique opportunity to determine the extent to which the same pathways, genes, or mutations are responsible for the independent evolution of similar colors.