Olivia Meyerson

Olivia Meyerson

Graduate Student (Biophysics)

Olivia graduated from Williams College in 2016 with a degree in math. As an undergraduate, she worked with Matt Carter studying the connection between hunger and sleep neural circuits in mice. Before beginning graduate school, Olivia did field research in Trinidad, where she tracked guppy evolution with David Reznick’s group. She then worked as a research assistant in Alex Pollen’s lab at UCSF, where she used single-cell genomics to examine primate brain evolution. In the Hoekstra lab, Olivia studies the genetic basis of behavioral and adaptive evolution in Peromyscus. Using quantitative and population genetics, Olivia seeks to understand how changes in the genome give rise to phenotypic variation in Peromyscus.

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p: 617-496-9054

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